Download It If You Can Stream It!

Posted on June 27, 2012


There are so many Firefox add-ons and extensions that I could spend days just looking through. Maybe I am exaggerating quite a bit, but the point is there are a lot of extensions. Some are very well built while others are poorly built. Just a few days ago, I was forced to search through extensions to find a video downloader. There were a couple of videos I wanted to save offline and the site didn’t offer any download option. Rather than looking for the same file uploaded via torrents or online storage hosts, I decided to find a utility that would allow me to download it directly.

As I was looking, I stumbled across several YouTube downloaders and other flash video downloaders. I had to install and uninstall several of them as they either contained too many advertisements or were poorly built. After searching for a while, I found the perfect solution: FlashVideoDownloader.

FlashVideoDownloader can be found in the following links:

1. FVD Official Website

2. Mozilla Firefox Add-On

Of course, FVD (I’m going to use for short instead of FlashVideoDownloader) also exists with other browsers including Internet Explorer and Opera. Unfortunately, it is not offered with GoogleChrome and Safari. On the bright side, they do offer a desktop downloader edition for those that do not have the specified browsers. Don’t stop there because I have even more good news to share! Rather than installing the add-on or extension into your browser, you can also visit the FVD official website (link above) and download your video by copying the link targeting the video.

So why FVD over other utilities:

1. Very nice integration with Firefox

I’m using FVD with Firefox. Although it is not possible to download videos with the use of accelerators, you will be fine as long as you have a good internet connection.

2. Very fast access – 2 click download

When a download is possible, the arrow beside the address bar will light up. The first click is the lit blue arrow and the second is the actual video to download. Select the target folder and Firefox downloader will handle the rest.

3. Convert It As Well

Who said FVD is only for handling downloads? They can also handle video conversion as well.FVD can handle all the popular video formats including AVI, MP4, FLV…and so on.

4. It’s Free!

Like I said before: “If it isn’t free, then it’s too expensive”

For those that don’t wish to shell out big bucks for an utility like this, then FVD is for you. No annoying popup advertisements and no price to pay. What could be better?

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