Apple – Reinventing Business

Posted on July 31, 2012


I admit Apple brought some incredible products to the consumer marketplace. Things we didn’t know were possible were made possible. Apple brought some great products including the iPod, iPad, Mac, and an operating system to finally compete with Microsoft. Along with all those awesome products, Apple introduced a new way to conduct business. Forget about Adam Smith or Karl Mark and their views of the competition in the marketplace or the need for government control to ensure equality/ equity. Now you can learn a few tips from Apple when you want to start-up your own business. When you have competition, sue the sh*t and the last bleeping penny out of them!

OK, so I’m probably exaggerating a bit as all companies sue one another more or less, but Apple seems to be in the spot light. Don’t you notice how Apple always seem to be involved whenever there is a mention of a lawsuit? In 2010, Apple takes on HTC and then they take on Samsung just a year after that, and they sue a couple more companies for a couple more bucks and you can see the rest.

Now my question is: Is it necessary for all those lawsuits? How is it even possible for one company to sue another for patent infringements?

I hardly think the guy being hired to fix heating system is a spy for the rival companies. I don’t exactly see the headlines “Heating Repair Guy Caught Lifting Apple Trade Secrets For Rival Competitors”. It’s just a vicious cycle where Apple spends billions of dollars on lawsuits and then charge extremely high prices for their products so they have another batch of cash to spend on even more lawsuits. Does this look like a circle or a loop to you? It’s funny actually. Think about it this way, Apple’s HQ is at Infinite Loop and this course of action is another loop…get my drift?

Anyways, you should take advantage of Apple for this. I’m not talking about buying Apple products, I’m talking about buying competitor products. For example, the Google Nexus 7 tablet is to be released pretty soon so why not go and grab a tablet as soon as they are released? I’m pretty sure Apple is going to sue Google for some kind of patent infringement, and then Google is forced to take all those Nexus 7s off the store shelves and then you are going to be the sole owner of a rare limited edition tablet by Google! When people start realizing just how awesome the Nexus 7 is, you can inflate the price like crazy and resell that limited edition tablet for 10 times the purchase price. :D

…yep, this is random.

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