Posted on August 18, 2012


What the heck is this? Looks like Microsoft’s Hotmail is rebranding to Outlook. At a first glance, you may love it or hate it right away. There’s not a big change except that the buttons are shaded in with the color of your choosing. Everything is arranged in a block by block layout. I guess the main reason for doing so is to promote the Windows 8 theme. Looks like Microsoft is really interested in the promotion of Windows 8.

So what are the changes?

Not much actually. You can still read your emails, manage documents, store attachments, and do everything you once did in Hotmail.com in Outlook.com. Aside from the makeover, there are no changes in terms of features.

In terms of benefits, none that I can see. Typing “Hotmail.com” takes eleven keystrokes if I counted correctly. This is the same for typing “Outlook.com”, eleven keystrokes as well. As far as I can see it, it doesn’t offer any new features, nor typing less to get to the same destination. Give it a try and if you don’t like it, you can always switch back to the Hotmail theme.

To enable the “Outlook” look, simply enter “Outlook.com” and sign in normally to get this new theme. There will be a side option to disable this new theme and switch back to Hotmail if you dislike the new look.

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