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Must Have Android Apps To Optimize Your Device

April 6, 2014


I just finished another article. Basically it takes a look at some of the best, not to mention FREE, Android applications out on the market that can improve the experience with your device. Most of all, I purposely tried to look for ad-free apps. These are free apps that the developers work through donations. If […]

HTC One 2 Details, Microsoft OneDrive, what else is new?

February 23, 2014


HTC One 2 is gonna be delayed or I like to think of it as strategically timed. Cmon, the Samsung S5 is expected to be revealed on the 24th of Feb. Guess when the One 2 is expected to be revealed? If you guessed after the 24th, good work! More specifically, the date is set […]

Samsung rumored to release plastic Galaxy S5, here’s why it will succeed!

January 27, 2014


I made a post over on DJ explaining Samsung’s move with the plastic Galaxy S5. It may seem shocking to see that they are opting out of aluminum, but I still believe they can succeed with the decision they make, here’s why.

Why you should stick with a power bank instead of a battery case or extended battery

December 14, 2013


It seems like the internet retailers are advertising extended batteries quite heavily and the big box retailers that we know of are advertising power banks and battery cases quite heavily. Unfortunately, I have been a sucker to buy into all of these. Let’s be clear for a second here. Don’t fet me wrong, I’m not […]

Texting and Driving Ads Don’t Work!

September 6, 2012


Texting and driving ads don’t work, it’s just an excuse to to say that the government is doing something rather than nothing. With that being said, the safety of all passengers lie in the hands of big corporations. It doesn’t matter if it is illegal to text and drive because people still do it. Why? […]

Why You Don’t Want The Windows Surface

August 29, 2012


Microsoft just introduced the new Windows, the Windows 8. However, they did introduce a tablet? Technically yes, but they failed at every turn in history when they tried to introduce an actual physical product. There was the Zune, which was a failure, and then the Zune HD, another failure. Why? There’s nothing original about them, […]

Apple – Reinventing Business

July 31, 2012


I admit Apple brought some incredible products to the consumer marketplace. Things we didn’t know were possible were made possible. Apple brought some great products including the iPod, iPad, Mac, and an operating system to finally compete with Microsoft. Along with all those awesome products, Apple introduced a new way to conduct business. Forget about […]


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