Get ready. Get set. Get active.

We the people are living in an unprecedented time. Moving forward, we know we can no longer rely on the federal government to act responsibly in the face of the most urgent issues of our lifetime and possibly of the planet. We need to vigilantly monitor and push back against public policies that threaten to roll back the clock on basic human dignity and the protection of the planet. We must act and act profoundly.

And yet in the midst of this sudden shift, we found ourselves and the people we love in a state of overwhelming paralysis. In response to this, a small band of people and budding activists have whittled together this tool to help transform paralysis into action.

This is a time forbravery

In creating this tool we have valued a bias towards action, rather than perfection. We have tried to build a tool that leaves room for your unique capabilities, political analysis and personal dreams. It is in this spirit that we share it with the world, and we welcome its evolution through your feedback.


Looking In. Acting Out.

We have created downloadable files that can be used to conduct (preferably with a close group of friends or even total strangers) a two hour workshop. The tool includes the downloadable instruction manual, complete with instructions scripts and suggestions for timing. You can also download worksheets to complete during the workshop.


Justice begins with just us.

We are a small band of everyday people who have corralled our skills to make this happen right now. Contributors include: Nina Narelle, Dale Basye, Paul Souders, Ryan Brown, Sara Messing.

Contact us

Have feedback on how to make the tool even better? Have an idea for how to expand this project? Want to volunteer your time or skills? Let us know. You can reach us at

Instruction Manual